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Anik Singal
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On November 3, 2016
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Inbox Blueprint is one of the best products where members are taught how to build a responsive email list and build an Internet marketing business.

Inbox Blueprint 2 Review & Bonus

Product Name: Inbox Blueprint 2.0
Product Creator: Anik Singal
Price: $1497 or 3 payments of $597
Verdict: 100% RECOMMENDED

This is my ultimate Inbox Blueprint course review and thanks so much for stopping by to learn about the product before you buy it for yourself and kickstart your online business empire!

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Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Course History

The Inbox Blueprint was first launched in January 2014 and was available for people for just 2 weeks. In that short time, it became the best selling online course by selling over 10,000 copies worldwide. It was relaunched for a second time around August the same year so that more people can take advantage of the contents and make a living online.

The course never went live again in the past 2 years and no new students were enrolled, but now, it is back and it’s better than ever.

The Inbox Blueprint 2 course is the product created by Anik Singal who is one of the biggest names in the internet marketing industry. The Email marketing course comes with awesome content that will help you in building your business online and also give you access to some killer tools that will help you in setting up funnels to increase the conversion rates.

Inbox Blueprint 2 Review – What to Expect?

The entire internet marketing course has been broken down in 8 Modules, awesome bonuses, replays, success stories, traffic academy and the killer Launchpad software that you get with the membership.

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Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Members’ Area

All the modules cover specific topics that are spread over multiple lessons so that you can learn how things work. Let’s have a quick look at topics each module will cover:

Module 1 – Addiction Meter

The first thing that you need to do when creating an online business is niche selection and Inbox Blueprint covers it better than any other marketing course online. You will learn how to find awesome niches from popular websites like Google and YouTube, marketplaces like Clickbank and Amazon and other online publications and learn how to assess it to find if it will make money or not.

Module 2 – The Bait

Now that you have selected your niche, it’s now time to work on your landing pages that you will use to collect emails and build an email list. The webpage that collects emails is called an opt-in page and in this module, you will learn everything about opt-in pages like how it works, how to increase the conversion rates and more.

You will even learn the design of an opt-in page, the difference between single vs double opt-in, offering a free gift to make the visitor signup and good copywriting to compel anyone who visits your webpage to signup for your email list.

Module 3 – The TYP Method

The TYP method, or the “Thank You Page” strategy is the method to start earning some revenues as soon as you start getting new subscribers. This strategy will help you generate revenue that will put you at a great advantage in expanding your online business further as well as cover your startup costs.

In this module, you will learn Anik’s secret Thank You Page strategy along with teaching you what a Thank You page is, how much it can earn, how to choose a great offer for the TYP method, using Launchpad to create the Thank You page and much more.

Module 4 – Email Machine Overview

The 4th module is all about the autoresponders and how to use them effectively to retain your subscribers for a long time. In this module, you will learn what an autoresponder is, how to get a free one from SendLane, the difference between automated messages vs. broadcasting, click tracking and more. Even if you are familiar with autoresponders and know how to use them, you should still check it out.

Module 5 – Emails and List Relationship

The 5th module is the most important module in the entire course as it covers everything about emails and how to make them work. The module covers multiple lessons not only on writing and sending emails but also covers detailed information on what products to promote, how to write great subject lines and email copies, building a relationship with your subscriber with the emails, setting up an autoresponder for 10 days, importance of testing your emails before sending (so that they don’t end up in Spam folder) and a lot more awesome information.

Module 6 – Payday Secrets

The 6th module covers the topic that most of us will buy the course for – how to get PAID! You might have created dozens of website with opt-in pages and awesome design but had no idea how to monetize it. But, when you take lessons from this module, you will learn the tactics to make money and increase your earnings, build and manage relationships, monetize your email list with affiliate programs and more.

You will even learn how to earn the maximum revenue by promoting product launches, using event based marketing, use webinars to sell affiliate products, offer killer bonuses to increase the conversion rates and more.

Module 7 – Easy Traffic

It doesn’t matter how awesome your opt-in page is or how good the conversion rate is or the product that you are promoting; if there is no traffic to the page, you won’t make a single cent out of it.

That’s where the 7th module of Inbox Blueprint 2.0 course comes in to help you! In this module, you will learn all forms of traffic – free and paid – and how to get it using various methods. You will learn how to get free traffic from guest blogging, blog commenting, forums, Twitter, Yahoo Answers, etc. and paid traffic from Solo Ads, Facebook ads, Google Training and more.

Module 8 – Unlimited Success

If you have completed all the above lessons and gotten to the 8th module, then you would already be making commissions from different offers. But still, this module is important because it will teach you about various metrics that you need to watch, learn if the fancy templates can make a difference in the conversion rates and your earnings, if you can increase the open rates of your emails and more.

You will even learn what to do if none of what you are doing isn’t working. This module will help you in learning the tricks that will get you online success.

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I really hope that you would appreciate the sheer value of the entire Inbox Blueprint course that Anik Singal has created for everyone to make a living online!

Once you get through all the lessons and the modules, you will start making commissions and then you can simply replicate the process to increase your online income. There will be new success stories and webinars to show you new tricks that work in the internet marketing industry as well.

On TOP OF ALL THAT you see above in the TRAINING of the email marketing course, we are offering you some of the killer bonus products that will surely help you in making the methods work and triple the value of the course.

Inbox Blueprint Review

My Inbox Blueprint Bonus Products

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To make the deal even beneficial for you, I am going to give you access to some killer bonus products that you can download right away and use them to make even better commissions.

Below are all the bonuses that you will get when you purchase Inbox Blueprint 2.0 through my affiliate link! You will be able to download these bonus within minutes.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Bonus (Easy Download)

Bonus #1: Selling to the World – Discover how Amazon makes selling anything easier than ever before and learn one of the best ways to make money by taking advantage of a powerful service.

Bonus #2: Conversion Rocket Ride – Learn various tactics and use awesome tools to boost your conversion rates by as much as 1000%!

Bonus #3: Guest Blogging Chemistry – Grow your reputation and reach with guest blogging and content syndication and draw buyers to your websites.

Bonus #4: The Affiliate Equation – Learn the effective methods to add more sales to your products with the help of affiliates and how to convince them to promote more than one of your products.

Bonus #5: Lockdown WordPress – Discover the simple ways to secure your WordPress site within minutes and also learn why you should pay attention to the security of your site.

Bonus #6: Advance to the Best Sellers’ List – Discover the simple yet proven method and tactics that you can implement to create your online following and become a best seller on Amazon.

Bonus #7: Payment Processors – When you build your online business with Inbox Blueprint 2.0, you will also create your own products eventually, so learn everything you need to know about the payment processors.

Bonus #8: Profitable Product Creation Ideas – Find out the best profitable niche to create a product and learn the best places to sell your products for the best ROI.

Bonus #9: Be a Webinar King – Webinars are the best way to grow your business and make more profit and with this Inbox Blueprint bonus, you will be able to learn the simple trick to make your webinars convert into sales 24/7!

Bonus #10: Google Hangouts – Discover why Google+ Hangouts aren’t just meant for meeting your friends! You can use this social media platform to run your business and profit.

Bonus #11: Presentations to Get People Thinking – Learn the simple ways to dominate your niche by utilizing the power of presentations to engage your audience, captivate them and deliver your messages.

Bonus #12: Landing Pages 101 – In this special report, you will learn how to create effective landing pages that convert again and again and again and the inexpensive resources you can use to create one.

Bonus #13: Crowdfunding Success – This special bonus will help you understand everything you need to about crowdfunding! You will also learn about the best crowdfunding websites and how to create a project to get funded quickly.

Bonus #14: Produce Videos for Profit – Learn why video creation is one of the easiest ways to promote your products. Uncover the secrets to create a cool video and find out details about a killer tool that can help you analyze your videos to find what people like and don’t like!

Bonus #15: The Conversion Authority – Learn about the top sales strategy that the successful marketers use! Find out how even a small change on your opt-in or sales page can result in an increase in conversion rates and thus skyrocket your profits.

Bonus #16: Super Affiliate Shortcuts – Discover all the secrets that the super affiliates use to generate multiple sales that result in massive commissions. Find out how you can become the authority in your niche and blow out your competition using these Inbox Blueprint 2.0 bonus.

Bonus #17: Viral Secrets Exposed – Learn the secrets to get your content to go viral driving hundreds of thousands of hits overnight. You will also learn about the mistakes that you need to avoid as it may kill your campaigns.

Bonus #18: Creating Your First Start-up – Everything you need to know about building your very own online business from scratch! Learn how to get started easily and find the best resources and inexpensive tools for internet marketers.

Bonus #19: Better SEO in Less than a Month – This special report will help you optimize your webpages so that it starts getting organic traffic, thus reducing your costs to get traffic from paid sources.

Bonus #20: Facebook Retargeting – The best way to increase your conversions and your sales using Facebook ads is to implement retargeting to get all the customers back that didn’t act the first time. Learn the secrets of retargeting and how to use it effectively to make the most out of every visitor. The Inbox Blueprint review teaches you how to use Facebook ads to get traffic and with this report, you can retarget all the customers once again.

Bonus #21: Understanding YouTube Ads – With this special ebook, you can learn all about the YouTube ads and how to effectively use them to drive traffic to your landing pages and boost your sales and commissions.

Bonus #22: Jumpstart your Email List – Using this special report, you will learn the simple yet effective ways to start building your email list by taking advantage of the best online sources.

Bonus #23: Top Ten Content Curation Mistakes – If you don’t follow the best practices while curating content, you might get caught up in legal issues. But, by using the simple methods you can prevent this mistakes and profit from the best content curation tactics.

Bonus #24: Ten Most Common Web Design Mistakes – When creating a landing page, a sales page or an opt-in page, you need to make sure that your designing is perfect. Because, even a single mistake can lower your conversions when you use the methods of Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review, and that can lead to a huge decline in commissions. This report tells you about the mistakes and how to avoid them when designing a web page.

Bonus #25: The Best WordPress SEO Beginners’ Book – Everything you need to know about getting massive traffic to your WordPress site, you can learn from this guide.

You can get instant access to the Inbox Blueprint bonus products page within minutes! Simply buy Inbox Blueprint 2.0 and then email me the receipt and I will send you the bonus products asap.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review – Take Action Now!

If you are serious about creating an online business empire and making money online, then you should take action right now and get a membership for yourself. You can either make the payment of $1497 (one-time) to get instant access or make the payment of $597 (3 monthly installments)!

When you purchase the Inbox Blueprint course, you will get instant access to all the following things that are far as valuable as the course itself:

  • Inbox Blueprint System (Value $2591)
  • Launchpad software (Value $5997)
  • Proprietary Content Engine (Value $3997)
  • Guided Assignment-based Training (Value $1997)
  • Free 30-day Sendlane Account (Value $397)
  • 12 Months Unlimited Support (Value $997)
  • And Other Awesome Bonuses

These are all the products that you get when you purchase Inbox Blueprint 2.0 by paying $1497 (one-time) or $597 (x3)!

On TOP of all these awesome products and courses, I am offering you another set of killer bonus products that you can use to maximize your conversion rates and make a lot of commissions online by promoting your own products or by promoting affiliate offers.

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To Your Success,
Arbaz Khan




Inbox Blueprint is one of the best products where members are taught how to build a responsive email list and build an Internet marketing business.
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